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strategic mobility 21 - dole supply chain applied research and development

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deliver function research and development

EMS completed numerous Supply Chain Logistics "Deliver" function and transportation management research and development projects under contract with commercial industry and the Center for the Commercial Deployment of Transportation Technologies (CCDoTT) - a California State University, Long Beach government supported R&D center. EMS support is focused on applied research (6.3 category) associated with government R&D programs.

EMS has focused on technologies that support the uninterrupted flow of the materials and products necessary for our national defense and continued economic growth.  The specific objectives of the EMS supported applied research and development included: 

  • Evaluation of problems, requirements and opportunities associated with commercial and military transportation issues
  • Development and implementation of marine related, dual-use technologies in support of commercial and military interests 
  • The study of military and commercial program inter-dependency issues and project validation through the demonstration and operational implementation of dual-use marine related technologies.